Friday, March 23, 2007

Se fue la Carrie

Well the time has come and Carrie has left us! But we had our fun times while she was here, including a ton of despedidas (going away parties). How many you ask? Well we had the...

Movie Despedida--the sitemates went to Leon and we saw a movie, though Ernie and the two of us saw one movie and Carrie saw another.....

Birthday/Sitemate Despedida--we went to Managua for the Intercontiental Brunch (fabulous!) we planned it not realizing it was the same day as Jeff´s birthday, so we later renamed it Birthday despideda.

Nica 37 Despedida--we all went to San Juan del Sur for Carrie´s entire group despideda. This involved swimming in the pool at Pelican Eyes, my favorite part

2 Chinandega Despedidas--Jeff and I didn´t make it to either one of these because we were at our language taller. We were sad about that.

And finally........

Pizza Hot Despedida--this was on Carrie´s last night, and us sitemates went out to eat Pizza at our beloved Pizza Hot!

And the time came, and Se fue la Carrie. She is being replaced with another health volunteer, but really can Carrie ever be replaced???

Its strange to think about your service in the terms of other volunteers leaving. When we joined the Peace Corps we never thought we would be sharing this experience with other volunteers. We thought we would be stuck in the middle of nowhere, far far away from the closest white person. But, that is not where we ended all!...but we´re happy about it! I love having sitemates. However, we never thought about the fact that people come and go and you have to get used to seeing good friends leave before you do. It´s hard! And in 3 more months we will be losing our other sitemite Ernie which is too much for me to think about right now.

Anyways, we will miss the Carrie very much!!!!! Good luck in Maine! Bring a sweater.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Teaching in the TeleCentro

Me teaching in the TeleCentro. Its a room at my school that offers classes for free to the community. One of my students was reading their paragraph in this picture.
Jeff teaching at the TeleCentro. Students are reading a dialog. We both teach here at the TeleCentro. They also let me use free internet on days that I teach class! Now thats an incentive!

Things are going well for us. Time is just flying and we are really busy teaching and preparing lessons. We will be starting some teacher workshops this Friday. We are traveling around Chinandega and giving these workshops to teachers with the other PCVs in our department. Other than that, life is just normal. Most days are just...normal now. However, we are very excited to have visitors soon! Time flies!