Friday, October 12, 2007

rain, rain, go away

Coming from Minnesota, I thought I was used to severe weather. Well...I am, but the severe weather here is really different.

It hasn´t stopped raining for 3 days, and supposedly its going to get worse this weekend. There are floods in the northern parts of Nicaragua.....oh thats where we are. Volunteers in our department are being consolidated to the capital city, which is where I live, while other volunteers in the northern central areas are being consolidated to Managua. However, some volunteers are stuck in their sites because no buses are running because the roads are bad. Here in the city, it isn´t that bad. However, Jeff was in Managua for a dentist appointment, so he gets to stay in Managua since traveling is a bad idea.

Not to mention we haven´t had school in 2 days! As we have said before, when it rains generally there is no class. This hasn´t happened in a really long time, so it was a suprise to me all over again. Yesterday I woke up to really heavy rain, and then later got a text message from a student saying that classes were cancelled and all the students were going home. Luckily, I didn´t have to make the trip in the rain to find that out! Today, there was less rain so I took a cab to the school to find it totally empty! That was 16 wasted córdobas.

Other than that, the rain has just effected my life in other ways, such as I can´t do laundry. We have had a water problem here for the past 6 months, as in we rarely have it during the day during the week. They just built a new tank so now we always have water! Just after we started having water all the time, it started raining all the time. So, you can do laundry, but then you´ll just have a bunch of wet clothes cause nothing will dry! We just can´t seem to win.

Also, the walls in our house get really wet and everything feels damp all the time. Its pretty gross. Oh, and we have to wear the knee high rubber boots to go to the bathroom since we have a lake in the back of our house.

That is our life right now. Wet and moldy smelling. But I´m not sweating for the first time in 1 year. I like that.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying fall.