Monday, January 28, 2008

Learning English IS FUN!

Guess what? we are in the paper.
Its true. A photo even. You have to look really hard to find Jeff. He´s all the way in the back next to the drunk guy wearing a hat crooked throwing the metal sign in the air. Where am I? I´m at the store down the block with 8 students buying chips. Ya, we missed the fame for chips!

We spent 2 weeks living in Managua and working at a summer English immersion camp sponsered by the US Embassy. It was soooo much fun. There were 10 of us volunteers and almost 100 students, along with some Nicaraguan English teachers. It was the best experience that we have had so far teaching English, for us and the kids. Because it was total immersion, the students learned a lot in 2 weeks and improved what they already knew as well. The students were from all over Nicaragua. As volunteers, we got to recruit students from our schools. 5 students from my school and 1 from Jeff´s came to the camp. The students were then seperated into 3 basic groups and 2 intermediate groups. 4 of my students tested into the intermediate group, which made me proud. Here is me and my 5 students, plus one. They don´t look happy, but really we were having fun.
In the mornings, they had 3 classes, each 1.5 hours. I taught American Culture class with Caitlin and Jeff taught Speaking and Listening with Paul. Below is Jeff teaching about time.
In the afternoons we had sports or we went on fieldtrips. Here is Jeff with his fieldtrip group.
They also had homework time at night before dinner. The last night we had a talent show where the kids could show off. After that, there was a dance party, obviously. Here are 3 students who did some songs in Spanish. They´re really dressed up. I don´t think that American kids would dress like that to camp. Just a guess.
The last day was a ceremony where the US ambassador came to give out certificates. Then, just like regular camp, there were a lot of tears. Here are all of the teachers, coordinators, and the US ambassador (he´s the really tall guy in the back)