Thursday, December 21, 2006

All Star Weekend..err... Tuesday!

So tuesday was the big All Star game for the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League. It was foreigners vs. Nicaraguans. We got there early and paid extra for the nice seats(first row between home plate and the dugout), which cost the equivalent of $3. When we got there at about 5 the stadium was almost full because there was a home run derby before hand, which we didnt know about. And now the best part... the game was supposed to start at 6pm, that time came and went and we continued to the dark now, with everyone else in the stadium. Sitting, sitting, random music, manually operated disco ball flashing on the field, lots of people not involved in the game loittering on the field, etc. At 730 , after many failed attempts to get the lights to work, they had to call the game. They just could get the lights in right field to turn on. There are 4 stadiums in the league and they chose to have the All Star game at our stadium at night, even though this was the only stadium that hadnt had a night game this season, so they didnt know if the light worked correctly. Overall, it was a nice 3 hours of sitting in a stadium in the dark. We got to meet some of the other US players that play on the other 2 teams and after the game was called we went out and loittered on the field, Jenny ran the bases, and we took a photo with on of the other US players. Ahh you gotta love All Star weekend!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 15, 2006


So did you know how different ketchup can be? Here in Nicaragua it's called salsa de tomate and its groooossss. I think anyways. I would rather not dip my ultra greasy fries in it. I actually like to stay far away from it, but Nicas put it on everything, including sandwiches.

Today Jeff and I came to Managua to get the remainder of our bags from the office. We quickly ran to McDonalds for lunch, which is something in the US that I usually would run away from, not to. And right now I'm even reading Fastfood Nation, but we talked about it and decided fastfood rules do not apply when you live outside of the US and only eat it every so often(its super expensive!). And here, it tastes like a little piece of home. Anyways, Jeff opened the ketchup and I said.."Is that REAL ketchup or Nica ketchup?" to which he said "It's McDonald's ketchup". And ya know what? He was right! McDonalds ketchup tastes different than any other ketchup. It has its own special taste, and it tastes great! Its sort of sweet, but not too sweet. I definately enjoy dipping my fries in it. Anyways, that was the first time I had ever noticed that it tasted different than normal ketchup. I actually think it might be better.

Anyways....time is moving, slowly. We have been enjoying some Chinandega baseball games. There are some Americans on the team, and a Canadian, as well as Nicaraguans, obviously. We even met some of them and hung out! Soon we are starting some English classes at an NGO, 2 adult classes a youth group, and Jeff is painting a mural so it looks like we might be more busy. Not that it would be hard to be more busy than we are right now. We've been doing a lot of hanging out, getting to know the Chinandega. I've actually gotten pretty used to not doing much. But things are going to change!

I can't believe its December and all we do it sweat. Happy Holidays! I really miss real December. And and to all of the comments about us being feel like your face is cooking when you are in the sun here so we try and walk in the shade as much as possible. If I am in the sun for more than 20 minutes, my face looks like a tomato, and thats with sunscreen. Plus, we're not nearly as pale as everyone in Minnesota!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

randoms thoughts...

After being here about 4 months i have observed many things that are different here from the states, some call these moments culture shock...i now consider it normal.

Did you know...

that you can drink almost anything out of a plastic bag, including gaseosa (pop), refrescos, milk, etc.. just add straw and tie.

or that by shrunching your nose, it means you dont understand what the other person has just said to you.

that you are prone to getting sick if you shower at night, after exercising, or by walking on tile floors barefoot.

that lines arent always necessary.

by slapping your index finger with your middle finger like you are packing a tin of chew you can emphasize everything, and literally everyone can do it..except me.

theres more but my English ability is leaving me the more I speak in Spanish...

Monday, December 04, 2006


This weekend we went to a wedding of a volunteer and a Nicaraguan, well we went to the after party anyways. Here are some pictures!

Here are our sitemates, Ernie and Carrie! Ernie usually doesn´t look quite that happy.

Ernie and Jeff doing a photo Nica style! (sans smiles)

Me and Kat.