Sunday, September 21, 2008


There have been many times here that have been difficult, and I know that I won´t remember those as much as the good. So today, I made a list for myself just in case I was feeling really sad, I could remember what I really didn´t like. So here goes.
5. Being stared at when I´m walking anywhere, doing anything.
4. Being yelled at on the street, adiosssssss mi amorrrr, chelita, gringa, ect.
3. So much about the educational system that it could be its own list
2. The creatures..scorpions, rats, mice, spiders, tarantulas, cochroaches, yuck.
1. Sweating all day, everyday for 2 straight years! And smelling like it.

The bad doesn't even compare to the good, but the bad is a daily thing, and the good sometimes is more hidden. But here is what I will remember and miss, in no particular order.

Farah-the smartest little girl ever. She picked up English so easily and we spent many afternoons together in private English class. She is very creative, funny, and full of life. She invited me to her birthday party, we once took a 5 hour bus ride together on a packed bus and sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer like 20 times. I will miss that Farita.
My neighbors, not just these neighbors, but specifically bird. I am holding bird, or pajarito, in this picture, and this kid kept me entertained. The crying, the screaming, the AMAZING dancing, the spaziness of it all. I will miss bird. And speaking of spaz, I will also miss our next door neighbors, a family of 7 women and pobrecito Carlos.
My Telecentro English class. Some of these kids were in my community class for 2 years (Susy, Jared, Maried, Luis); others came and went. We had some good times, and we played a lot of UNO. We had a Halloween party, without costumes, we had a goodbye party before I went to the USA to visit for 2 weeks, and a welcome home party when I got back, and they also threw parties for my visiting family members. I think we actually just liked to throw parties, not learn English. This group of kids made my English class fun. I will miss Luis for never just calling once, but until I answer. I will miss Maried because she's fun and I really wanted to take her back to the states with us. I will miss Jared because she totally gets gringos and she always has something to say. She also helped me teach English to kids....that was fun.
My counterpart Henry. This is one dedicated, great, teacher. We had some great times teaching together for 2 years! We always spoke in English and Henry really took advantage of me working at INCH. It was great. Henry really made my service. I was lucky.
The gemelo. My best friend for 2 years. He is such a great friend, always doing things for me and helping me with things that I really don't want to do, i.e. chasing out an iguana that got itself stuck in a doorframe, killing a tarantula that was stuck in the sink, changing a lightbulb really really high up. You get the picture. In 2 years this kids English went from 0 to conversational. He also knows really great, useful phrases such as "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" and "Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater". I really feel that Jeff and I realized our potential as English teachers with those lessons. But really, the Gemelo is a great friend.
Williams. Thats right, with a s. One of my 5th year students, turned friend. He walked me home everyday when I was being stalked by a taxi driver. He was my Spanish teacher before my interview. Williams is really chill, really good at English, and also an amazing friend. He knows more vulgar words in English than I do.
And of course, I will miss all of my Peace Corps friends. I wouldn't have made it without them! The following is a collection of good memories!

I am currently at home in Minnesota, I just got home last night. It is scary to be back, no place to live, no job, no car, no money! But its also exciting and completely awesome. Jeff and I were given a early COS (Close of Service) date because of a family situation. Jeff is, however, still in Nicaragua for 2 more weeks. So here I am, home, a RPCV. (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer)

Peace Corps is like a rollercoaster; you're up and you're down in a matter of seconds. There were many days were it went from great to crappy, back to normal in a matter of hours. Was it worth it? Ya, totally. I learned a lot: spanish, about Nicaraguan culture, about Central America, and about myself. I am very greatful for this opportunity, and yes, I would do it again. I will miss it.


At September 26, 2008 , Blogger Margie said...

Jenny and Jeff,
I'm a PC applicant and have been able to read most of your blog in the last 2 months. Thank you for sharing your life in Nicaragua. I enjoyed your humor and openness. I wish you the best back in the US.

At March 04, 2009 , Anonymous RightSaidFernt said...

Please post more pictures taken while you were cold. Thank you.

At June 04, 2009 , Blogger Peace Corps Journals said...

Just found out your blog was referenced in Dec. 2007 in a PhD dissertation on Peace Corps in the 21st century.
(see pg 165)

-Mike Sheppard
RPCV / The Gambia (03-05)

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