Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baseball season´s back!

Well the rain is gone and the sun is back! And it brought baseball season with it, gracias a dios. I think that we´ve only been to three games so far, but we have new lights so there are games at night, which are way more fun. We´ve seen all of the usual vendors, and even can crushing Steve. He´s aged since last season, and it looks like he´s got a new pair of sandals! It´s always good to start off the season with some new can crushers. Because of the new lights, and the winning, the stands have been PACKED and we were packed in. You become very friendly with your neighbors. Or in my case, maybe not so friendly. The last game we went to was a night game. It was fun, except for the 17 year old nerd behind me decided to blow his whistle straight for 9 innings. By inning 8 I had a killer headache, and by the 9th I just couldn´t take it anymore. Not to mention, this nerd desides to have a ¨who can blow their whistle the loudest and longest¨contest with some 9 year old girl. I couldn´t take it anymore, I turned around the yanked the cord of his whistle and it flew out of his mouth. I don´t know what came over me. Anyways, I just told him NO MORE. He didn´t blow that whistle again for the rest of the game.
Above: a day game in the seats that we usually sit in. Below: a night game on Halloween in the expensive nice seats where you actually sit in a chair instead of concrete stairs.

Other exciting events have happaned. Jeff and I went to the band competition (by band I mean really large drumline). My school, his school, and another private small school participated. The kids in the stands were throwing water everywhere and there were only 3 police officers around. 3. And really, nobody even thought about throwing anyone out. It was total chaos, and we left before they announced the results because fights were a for sure. However, the bands were really good. There is at least 200 people, which includes about 100 drums, maybe 20 other instruments, maybe, and a lot of dancing girls. The band is mostly boys playing drums, but they can sure dance with those drums on! My schools show was great. Jeff´s school featured a 40 year old man getting down and dirty with a 16 year old girl. There were some really questionable moves going on during their performance. I blushed a lot. Our 2 schools ended up in a tie. That was competition number 1. For competition number 2 it was our 2 schools and one other really large school from a town 15 minutes away. I got tricked into going by a student, I´m a sucker. It was way more insane than the first. There was juice throwing in this one, staining everything orange. It was super packed and really hot. Again, it was a really great show. Here is a pic of my school´s band, or part of it.
Below is Jeff´s school´s band, complete with dancing girls.
The school year is almost over. We just have graduation and I´m also doing a teacher workshop with my counterpart and we are done! Whoo hoo!